• Rugged and easy to use - Amprobe's VPC-30 Voltage & Continuity Tester

    Rugged and easy to use testers for live voltage and continuity checks. Built in shaker provides the same functionality and feel as older analog solenoid testers with benefit of full input protection to CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V.
  • Amprobe's new Navigator Clamp Series

    Complete with a full range of diagnostic capabilities including phase sequence, power and power factor, total harmonics distortion and individual harmonics, inrush current and low pass filter, the Amprobe Navigator Clamp serves as a first line of defense for spot checking and verifying system conditions before deploying more specialized tools -- or incurring additional costs. It is rated CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V meter with voltage measurement up to 1000 V AC/DC. The new innovative navigation system eliminates confusing push buttons, and replaces them with a single joystick allowing the user to select functions directly on the display.
  • Amprobe INSP-3 Wiring Inspector Tester

    Amprobe INSP-3 Wiring Inspector Tester

    The INSP-3, wiring inspector is a rugged tester designed to verify building wiring compliance to electrical code, especially voltage drop under load. Identify issues with splices, connections and conductor quality, crucial to safety and performance of the electrical system.

    Available at http://Tequipment.NET

    Video by Tequipment
  • Amprobe AT-5000 Underground Cable and Pipe Locator - Operator Buttons

    These videos from Amprobe detail the Amprobe AT-5000 Underground Cable and Pipe Locator System. Part 4 of 5. See Product Details at:
  • Amprobe AT-3500 Professional Underground Cable and Pipe Locator System

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    The Amprobe AT-3500 Professional Underground Cable and Pipe Locator System. The Amprobe AT 3500 is a rugged, economical solution for locating underground energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes. Great for parking lot and airport lighting applications, it precisely pinpoints buried services, with exceptionally fast sound and meter response. The backlight multiple-segment bar-graph digital display plus audible indicators show and tell. The Amprobe AT3500 employs the proven 33 kHz frequency for most locating applications. To avoid lines at utility construction sites, it also offers the highly sensitive power and radio modes. Take depth measurements with the press of a button.
  • Spectrum analyser demo on the MDO-2000E

    MDO-2000E series is equipped with a dual channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator.
    We could utilize arbitrary waveform generator to output waveforms and conduct frequency domain analysis by the built-in spectrum analyzer.