The Calog range of smart hand-held calibrators is the new standard to beat in industrial process control calibration.

They are tough, sophisticated precision instruments, portable, light-weight and user-friendly.

Calog instruments are designed for accurate calibration and measurement of industrial equipment, yet are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, hold enough charge for hours of continuous work and are robust enough to withstand the rigors of most industrial environments.

They redefine the standard for precision and accuracy in the field of hand held calibration.


Instrotech, a Comtest Group company, has announced the launch of their latest multi-function weighing transmitter, the model 6004MF version II. It’s a powerful, compact, field-mounted unit that can be selected for a variety of weighing functions. Specifically designed for servicing organizations, weighing equipment manufacturing companies and individual users, the 6004MF is a single electronic unit that can be used for almost any application in the weighing industry.

The 6004MF finds application in the areas of loadcell transmitting, belt-weighing, loss-in-weight transmitter, through-put weighing, bag-filling, batch-weighing and a dynamo meter. A multi-function unit allows the user to keep one spare that can replace any of the above-mentioned functions in the field. This also reduces the stock holding requirements for manufacturers, integrators and factories.