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ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV: De-energised Testing Instrument
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Personal Greeting

The ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ instrument is the ONLY TOOL made for testing the special permanent magnet motors and motor/generators used in electric & hybrid vehicles. With this innovative hybrid motor magnet tester, you can test magnet motors in vehicles from a single device that provides quick and precise diagnostic results. Our patented technology enables technicians to find motor problems before they turn into costly maintenance projects.

Learn more about the benefits of using the ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ testing instrument for your vehicles’ permanent magnet motors and generators below!

Advantages of the ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™

The ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ electric and hybrid motor tester is the advanced permanent magnet motor and generator testing solution you need to keep your hybrid or electric vehicle motors running smoothly. Unlike other testing methods, the ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ instrument allows technicians to test motors in vehicles without taking the motor apart. The preventative maintenance capabilities this product offers help detect issues in hybrid and electric car motors before motor failure occurs.

With preventative testing, you can eliminate the otherwise inevitable time and money loss that comes with vehicle motor failure. With the ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ instruments, you can detect problems with a vehicle’s stator, connections or rotor, all from a user-friendly handheld device. The ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ instrument is also extremely portable, so whether you’re in the shop or in the field, you’ll have access to superior motor and insulation testing abilities. The ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ can be used to test a wide range of motor health factors.

Uses for the ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™

OEM vehicle on-board diagnostics may not provide comprehensive analysis methods necessary for determining the health of an aged EM or provide clarity of determining whether a problem resides within the EM or its Power Inverter Module (PIM) system. Since the cost of an EM or PIM system can result in thousands of repair dollars, identifying and determining the root cause of the problem is essential. Furthermore, the labor time required to identify and confirm the root cause of a problem can be extensive, adding to the already substantial part cost of the repair. And, if the systems are misdiagnosed, the parts and labor costs escalate significantly.

Determining electric transaxle or transmission state-of-health (SOH) or, confirming that a catastrophic event has occurred is becoming a more important aspect of the aftermarket service industry and those that analyze, diagnose, and service electric powertrains. As the aftermarket continues to become more of an option to hybrid owners for service, it also becomes more important than ever to ensure that determining SOH or, for confirming an electric motor-generator unit (MGU) has reached its end-of-life (EOL) becomes a repeatable and reliable process.

The AT34 EV™ is a superior test instrument for performing 3-phase EM testing and SOH analysis. One of the primary advantages of the AT34 EV™ tool is its capability of testing an EM rotor without the requirement of rotation. In summary, the EM can be completely tested statically. For the technician, this means that testing can be accomplished with the High Voltage system disabled and no road testing is required – all testing can be accomplished in the service bay. MGU sub-system testing: AT34 EV is capable of testing MGU rotor and stator SOH without rotating (spinning) the rotor (whether permanent magnet or induction EM).

Test Value Static™ (TVS™) – a dimensionless number comprised of using a sub-set of the aforementioned instrument testing parameters of Inductance, Impedance (AC Resistance), Phase Angle, and Current-Frequency Ratio and scrubbing the resulting metrics with complex algorithmic analysis. The 3-Phase winding parameter test data is then calculated by software algorithms that provide a resulting numerical value to the user for determining 3-Phase MGU stator and rotor electrical and magnetic performance. The user compares the dimensionless number to a reference number (numbers provided with the tester) for determining numerically how far the tested MGU data has drifted (or not) from new MGU test data of the same type or generation of transmission. The TVS value also eliminates the need for rotating the MGU to test 3-Phase stator windings, rotor magnets or rotor bars, and shorting rings, etc.

The ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ provides cutting-edge testing solutions that detect motor issues in vehicles before they turn into expensive problems. With this instrument, you can evaluate the health of a hybrid or electric vehicle motor all in one test. The ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ motor test device evaluates all motor components in its assessment process, including the rotor, contaminations, stator windings, ground faults and connections.

This instrument features both dynamic and static test capabilities to give you a full picture of your vehicle motor’s health. In fact, the ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ device is incredibly user-friendly, with on-screen instructions to guide you and your technicians through any static or dynamic motor testing process. Reading and understanding the test results is made simple and easy, and the diagnostic results are accessible from a single screen.

It’s hard to beat the versatility and comprehensive diagnostic power of the ALL-TEST PRO 34 EV™ motor tester. Browse our product brochure below to learn more about the unique capabilities of our innovative vehicle motor testing solution.


  • Patented Test Value StaticTM (TVSTM) & (MCATM) Motor Circuit Analysis
  • Predict Faults Before They Happen
  • Test the Motor Without Removing From Vehicle
  • Trend Customers Vehicles



Accuracy and Measurement Range

Max Resolution

Relative Accuracy (Phase to Phase)

Test Frequency

50, 100, 200, 400, 800 Hz


Test Value StaticTM (TVSTM)

0.01 – 10,000 ± 1%

(Dimensionless calculated value)


Stator Test Dynamic

Repeatability ± 1%

(of measured data and calculated deviations)


Rotor Test Dynamic

Repeatabilty ± 2%

(of measured data and calculated deviations)



0.01Ω – 0.1Ω ±(1% of the range full scale +1 digit)

0.01mΩ or one digit (whichever is greater)

± (1% of measured value +1 digit)

0.1Ω – 99.9Ω ±(1% of measured value+1 digit)

1 mΩ or one digit

± (0.1% of measured value +1 digit)


(whichever is greater)


100Ω – 500Ω ±(1.5% of measured value +1 digit)

± (0.1% of measured value +1 digit)

501Ω – 999Ω ±(2.5% of measured value +1 digit)

± (0.1% of measured value +1 digit)

True 4-wire Kelvin measurement

(Compensation for thermoelectric offset voltages)


Dissipation Factor - DF (frame - stator)

1% – 100% total range (expressed as a percentage)

1% – 10% ± 0.75% (C = 10 – 1,000 nF)

1% – 10% ± 1.0% (all other values of C within range 2 – 2,000 nF)

10% – 30% ± 1.0% (this specification is based on battery operation and USB not connected to PC)

Capacitance (frame - stator)

2 – 2,000 nF total range
10 – 2,000 NF ± 5% (this specification is based on battery operation and USB not connected to PC)


Insulation Resistance

0 – 5000 MΩ total range @ 500 V or 1,000 V

1 – 999 MΩ ± 3%

All other values ± 5%

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