Your family is your top priority. Your safety is ours.

The safety of you and your team is the result of the choices you make every day, including what’s in your toolbox.

Fluke test tools are dropped, shocked, short-circuited, injected with thousands of volts of electricity and forced to endure extreme temperatures before they arrive to you. Our commitment to quality ensures your Fluke tool meets the highest standard of safety.

FlukeLITE T90/T110/T130/T150 Voltage and Continuity Testers
Fluke 381 Remote Display True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex
Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter
Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera

Fluke 376 FC True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter
Fluke T6-1000 PRO Electrical Tester
Fluke CV300 ClirVu 75mm Infrared Window
Fluke PQ400 Electrical Measurement Window

FFluke 377FC Clamp Meterr
Fluke 378FC Clamp Meter
Fluke 1664 FC
Fluke TiS60+ Thermal Camera


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  • Electricity is dangerous when not properly contained or used correctly. This is how electrical workers stay safe.

    If you’re an electrical worker, you know how to stay safe around electricity—after all, you work with it every day. But electrical worker fatalities are still too high—one fatality is one too many. That’s why safety is at the centre of everything Fluke does—from tools to best practices and everything in between.
  • Do you know why your Fluke tool always works? Fluke takes product testing seriously.

    Have you ever wondered why Fluke tools always work, exceeding safety requirements, even in the harshest environments? It's because Fluke takes product testing very seriously.
    At Fluke, they know that their tools are safe, rugged, and reliable. Do you know the story behind it? Fluke takes product testing seriously. Testing is facilitated by a third party and Fluke lab, testing the tools beyond defined standards. Fluke not only meets but exceeds the safety standard, having the tools undergo the worst-case scenario's; the tools are baked, frozen, dunked in water, choked by dust clouds, rattled with vibration, bashed on the floor, zapped with electricity. You can do your job with confidence.
  • How does Fluke test the new and improved Two Pole Voltage Testers

    The cable on any two-pole voltage tester is its weakest point, that’s why Fluke's Two-Pole voltage testers have been tested beyond normal safety standards to ensure our customer's safety.

    Watch this video to see how Fluke has tested the new and improved Two-Pole Voltage Testers.
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