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Free Health Check

In-house electrical calibrators need a health check periodically, to be sure they are still fit for the job. Can you rely on yours? Is it accurate and up to date?

The Fluke 5700A Series I and II, 5720A Multifunction Calibrators, Wavetek 4700 & 4800 series and Datron 4200 & 4000A series reached their end-of-repair date, so there is need to plan ahead to minimize risk of downtime.

We now offer you a free Health check on these instruments and the possibility to upgrade to a NEW Fluke 5730A with 25% discount!

Upgrade advantages:

  • Complete replacement of Fluke 5700A, Fluke 5720A and /03 wideband versions & Wavetek 4700/4800 & Datron 4000A/4200.
  • 100% backward emulation of existing Fluke 5700A/20A systems under computer control
  • Improved performance specifications for AC voltage, AC current and resistance

Simply complete the form and submit. We’ll send you our findings and recommendations within two weeks.

25% discount on a new Fluke 5730A Multifunction Calibrator

Every form submitted during the action period* will receive a voucher for 25% discount on a NEW Fluke 5730A Multifunction Calibrator.

*This promotion for a free Health Check runs from 1 April 2021 until 1 December 2021. The voucher to upgrade with 25% discount will be valid until 31 March 2022.

Request a free health check today!

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