• EEVblog #229 - IET DE-5000 LCR Meter Teardown

    What's inside IET Labs new DE-5000 handheld LCR meter?
  • BK Precision 2530B Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    BK Precision 2530B Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    The 2530B Digital Storage Oscilloscope delivers essential features and reliable performance at a price you can afford. Analog style knobs and controls combined with a smart Auto set function make this oscilloscope easy to use. Advanced triggering, automatic measurements, and FFT functions provide you with many options to debug your circuits. Educators can appreciate the ability to disable the Auto button that would automatically setup the scope to display a signal, requiring the user to learn how to set up scope parameters manually. Additionally, the instrument comes with PC software that lets you easily capture, analyze, and document waveforms and measurement results. The 2530B is an ideal education and training tool, and also well-suited for applications in service and repair.

    Available at http://Tequipment.NET

    Video by BK Precision
  • FLUKE VT02 Overview v5

  • Inductance Decade Box IET LS Series

    The IET Labs L S Series, Inductance Substitution Boxes, is made up of three cost effective models, starting at about six hundred dollars.

    These decade boxes are indispensable tools for applications in engineering, design, troubleshooting, or service. They are perfect for the lab and small enough and rugged enough for use in harsh field environments. (During this paragraph show all 3 models LS-400, LS-400A, LS-400L).

    The LS Series Inductance Substitution Boxes employ toroidal inductors on deep gold plated thumbwheel switches. Any inductance is simply set and read as one number. For example to set 4 point 2 3 4 Henries (On LS-400 Dial starting with setting on all 0's. From the left side dial 4 2 3 4) That's all it takes.

    The three standard models cover a wide range of inductance values from as low as one Micro-Henry up to ten Henries. They all have accuracies of two percent.

    -The LS-400 A goes form one Milli-Henry to up to one Henry.
    -The LS-400 goes form one Milli-Henry up to ten Henries.
    -The LS-400 L goes from as low as one Micro-Henry to one Henry.
    (Show bullets for the previous two paragraphs as well as the LS-400A, LS-400 and LS-400L as you talk about them, keeping in mind the LS-400 is the most popular; similar to what you do with CS series)

    The L S Series substituters are manufactured in the United States and are the most practical and economical inductance substituters you can own; packing a lot of performance into a small package.

    Similar versions of this series in resistance, the R S Series, and capacitance, the C S series are also available.

    If your application is more demanding, IET offers the GenRad 14 91 Precision Decade Inductor; the most accurate and stable decade inductor available. For computer controlled programmable models look at the P L S series.

    To determine which model best for you, please consult our data sheet.
    With a simple phone call or email, we can expedite the selection process and help you find the best model for your application and budget.
  • Multimeter Hi Res digit rounding....or not.

    A list of my multimeters can be purchased here:

    In this video I demonstrate how some multimeters with a Hi Res (high resolution) mode round the last digit when switching back to a low resolution mode. In essence they just "hide" the last digit which is not the correct way they should handle this.

    Equipment used:

    * Brymen TBM867 / BM867
    * ISO-Tech IDM207
    * Fluke 87-V

    Thanks to Comtest for the loan of the Fluke 87-V: www.comtest.co.za
  • Electricity Meter Testing with a Radian Dytronic Standard

    This video highlights a typical meter test using a Radian Research Dytronic Reference Standard.

    Website: www.radianresearch.com

    3852 Fortune Drive
    Lafayette, IN 47905
  • The PicoScope 4444 differential input oscilloscope

    The new PicoScope 4444 differential input oscilloscope from Pico Technology. Four channels. 12 to 14 bit resolution. See the difference!
  • Symmetricom office

    At Boulder
  • Aviat Networks and Symmetricom Announcement at CTIA 2011

    Errol Binda, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for Aviat Networks, discusses the recent Aviat Networks and Symmetricom, Inc. announcement with Manish Gupta, VP of Marketing for Symmetricom, and Shaun McFall, Chief Marketing Officer for Aviat Networks.
  • 3-phase monitoring using PicoScope® 4444

    See the PicoScope 4444 high-resolution differential oscilloscope in action. We show you how to measure and monitor three-phase voltages and currents safely with 1000 V CAT III overvoltage protection.
  • Spectrum analyser demo on the MDO-2000E

    MDO-2000E series is equipped with a dual channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator.
    We could utilize arbitrary waveform generator to output waveforms and conduct frequency domain analysis by the built-in spectrum analyzer.