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How to Calibrate an RTD Using a Dryblock Calibrator

How to Calibrate an RTD Using a Dryblock Calibrator


A dry-block calibrator is a versatile, portable calibrator that is able to calibrate the heat or cool a metal block to a specific temperature to accurately calibrate temperature sensors. These calibrators provide an option for calibrating in the field, combining value and portability with performance and accuracy or in the laboratory.

Dry-block calibrators are accurate and stable temperature sources used to calibrate temperature sensors such as RTDs (resistance temperature detectors).

Watch this web seminar to learn about drywell characteristics and learn best practices for effectively using a drywell to calibrate an RTD.

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Presented by: Bouraoui Khachlouf, Fluke Calibraiton
Date: 16th February, Wednesday
Time:1300 Local South African time

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