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Since 1976, it has been IET Lab's mission is to manufacturer very high-quality instruments at competitive prices while providing a level of service not often found in the industry.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

In 2000, IET Labs acquired the GenRad standards, impedance decades, megohmmeters, digibridges, audio and strobe lines and now continues to manufacture, service and support these. More information on GenRad and historic GenRad products can be found at "GenRad history page "In the Genrad Tradition..."  In 2006, IET acquired the esi resistance lines, thus proudly and successfully combining the two most important classic impedance companies with our own.

By combining the many hundreds of man-years of engineering experience of GenRad, esi and IET, we have become the world's preeminent manufacturer of impedance instruments, offering from the most cost-effective to the most stable electrical standards.

IET Labs is small enough to offer the individual exceptional service each of our customers deserves, while large enough to offer the worlds most complete impedance solutions with over 1300 different products. 

While many in the industry outsource not only manufacturing but engineering, IET is proud to claim that we manufacturer 98% of our products in the United States and almost all of our major components are manufactured in the United States.

Our experienced engineering and service staff make it possible to offer:

    • Custom or products with combinations of functions; special ranges, ratings or accuracies.
    • Replacements for discontinued models from other manufacturers.
    • ISO-17025 accredited calibrations* and repairs on most products
    • Compliant with ISO-9001, ISO-10012, ANSI Z540-1-1994, and MIL-STD-45662A.
    • Applications and custom engineering readily available
    • Extensive library of applications notes and articles from GenRad, esi and IET

* See IET Labs scope of accreditation Cert. No. 2073-01 for capabilities


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What's inside IET Labs new DE-5000 handheld LCR meter?

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

IET manufactures the most extensive line of decade capacitors available in the world.

10 distinct series cover an extraordinary range, from the ultra low point zero zero 2 Pico- Farads to the ultra high 1 Farad. We have a model that will fill any conceivable requirement or budget.

Here is a thumbnail summary of what is available.

The CS series is the most cost effective and the most popular. Available from 1 Pico-Farad to 1000 Micro-Farads, with accuracies ranging from 1 percent to 4 percent, these rugged units are controlled by easy to use thumbwheel switches.
(show CS series page of website during this paragraph: )

For highest performance, calibration grade decade capacitors consider the HACS Z series (Say HACS as one word). With a high accuracy of point zero 5 percent, these units provide any range of capacitance from 1 Pico-Farad to Ten Thousand Micro-Farads. The zero capacitance is less than point 1 Pico-Farad and the temperature coefficient is better than 20 P P M per degree C.
(show HACS-Z series Page: )

The GenRad 14 13 is the world's defacto precision decade capacitor, with similar performance to the HACS Z series but with a range of 1 Pico-Farad to 1 Micro-Farad. The 14 13 has been the choice of the metrology community for decades.
(Show 1413 Page: )

The GenRad 14 12, with an accuracy of zero point 5 percent, is another high performance capacitance decade but at a more economical price. It goes up to 1 Micro-Farad while achieving high resolution by use of a variable air capacitor with 1 Pico-Farad dial divisions.
(Show 1412 Page: )

For even a more economical option with a long proven history, consider the Gen Rad 14 19. Ranges are available from 100 Pico-Farads to 1 Micro-Farad with accuracies ranging from zero point 5 percent to 1 percent.
(Show 1419 Series Page: )

The unique GenRad 14 17 is the only choice when extremely high capacitances are required. It has 7 switchable values that go from 1 Micro-Farad up to the envelope pushing 1 Farad.
(Show 14 17 Page: )

The Gen Rad 14 22 series variable air capacitors are the world standard when it comes to very low capacitance. There are several models available that offer continuously dialable ranges from point zero zero 2 Pico-Farads to 1000 Pico Farads with incomparable stability and performance.
(Show 1422 Page: )

Finally for R-S-232 or I triple E computer controlled, programmable models that are suited for automated test stations, you should be looking at our P C S Series.
(show PRS series page on website: )

Of course this is just a quick overview. To find exactly the best model out of the hundreds that are available, without having to settle, please consult our website or contact the IET sales department.

With a simple phone call or email, we can expedite the selection process
and help you find the best product for you application and budget.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

The IET Labs L S Series, Inductance Substitution Boxes, is made up of three cost effective models, starting at about six hundred dollars.

These decade boxes are indispensable tools for applications in engineering, design, troubleshooting, or service. They are perfect for the lab and small enough and rugged enough for use in harsh field environments. (During this paragraph show all 3 models LS-400, LS-400A, LS-400L).

The LS Series Inductance Substitution Boxes employ toroidal inductors on deep gold plated thumbwheel switches. Any inductance is simply set and read as one number. For example to set 4 point 2 3 4 Henries (On LS-400 Dial starting with setting on all 0's. From the left side dial 4 2 3 4) That's all it takes.

The three standard models cover a wide range of inductance values from as low as one Micro-Henry up to ten Henries. They all have accuracies of two percent.

-The LS-400 A goes form one Milli-Henry to up to one Henry.
-The LS-400 goes form one Milli-Henry up to ten Henries.
-The LS-400 L goes from as low as one Micro-Henry to one Henry.
(Show bullets for the previous two paragraphs as well as the LS-400A, LS-400 and LS-400L as you talk about them, keeping in mind the LS-400 is the most popular; similar to what you do with CS series)

The L S Series substituters are manufactured in the United States and are the most practical and economical inductance substituters you can own; packing a lot of performance into a small package.

Similar versions of this series in resistance, the R S Series, and capacitance, the C S series are also available.

If your application is more demanding, IET offers the GenRad 14 91 Precision Decade Inductor; the most accurate and stable decade inductor available. For computer controlled programmable models look at the P L S series.

To determine which model best for you, please consult our data sheet.
With a simple phone call or email, we can expedite the selection process and help you find the best model for your application and budget.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018

At under $600 for most values, the IET SRX and SRC series are cost effective yet high performing, stable laboratory or portable resistance standards. The SRX and SRC series are available in 35 resistance values ranging from 1 Milli-Ohm to 1 point 9 Tera-Ohms. Custom values are available to satisfy any requirement.

The performance of these precision standards far surpasses what you would expect for the cost. In the mid range, the resistance value is stable to better than 10 P P M per year, and the temperature coefficient is less than 1 P P M per degree C. As an example, a 100 Ohm standard will change less than 1 Milli-Ohm per year

Each SRX and SRC standard comes with an I S O 17-0-2-5 calibration certificate, indicating uncertainties and the actual readings of the resistor.

Ruggedness and small size make the S R X and S R C Series ideal for any application outside a laboratory environment. Because of the low temperature coefficient, they require no oil bath.

It is possible to maintain these resistance standards indefinitely. Calibration cost is so reasonable that many labs have found it more cost effective to acquire S R X and S R C resistors and put them on very long calibration cycles rather than purchase low cost loose resistors that require frequent calibrations.

These standards will work at very high currents and voltages. Additionally, they can be custom ordered with current ratings of more than 20 amps and voltage ratings more than 10 Kill-ah-watts.

This is just another example of IET's commitment--unique in the industry--of providing the customers exactly what they need to satisfy their requirement, even in an economical product.

For detailed specifications, on the S R X and S R A series please consult our datasheet. (As in HARS video 1:38 Show Datasheet on Website)

If the S R X and S R C resistors do not meet your needs, IET offers 15 other families of decade resistors and standards. Specifically, if you are looking for higher performing Resistance Standards consider the S R X 1 or the S R L series

With a simple phone call or email, we can expedite the selection process and help you find the best model for your application and budget.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018