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Technical readss from Comtest

Fluke enables engineers to prioritise arc flash safety with a range of thermal imaging and wireless testing tools.

Fluke equipment helps keep electrical workers out of harm’s way while also cutting, by up to 50%, the time required to work in dangerous arc flash zones.

Easy-to-use maintenance tool offers generous energy savings for plants and helps reduce carbon footprint

Businesses worldwide face the dual challenge of rising fuel costs and environmental energy taxes; there has never been a more critical time to focus time and effort on reducing utility costs.

Laser tool simplifies precision shaft alignment

The powerful Fluke 831 Laser simplifies precision shaft alignment and saves thousands in downtime and energy waste by making it practical to align most machines in the facility, not just a select few.

New advanced wire tracers deliver superior accuracy and safety in locating electric cables in walls ceilings and floors

Fluke has recently launched two new wire tracers that simplify the process of tracing and troubleshooting at energised and de-energised wires in residential, commercial and industrial environments with a safety rating of CAT IV 600 V.

Power Quality at the service panel

Voltage sags, tripping breakers, overheated electrical panels, and excessive voltage levels indicate possible trouble in an electrical distribution system. 

How air leak detection equipment prevents downtime

Leak detection, Energy Management & Troubleshooting

Fluke interviewed a manufacturer regarding air leaks. This manufacturer literally helps keep the wheels of commerce moving. As one of the world’s foremost aftermarket manufacturers of wheel-services equipment, the company designs, builds, and markets products under trusted and distinguished brands.

Pico Technology's 1 GHz mixed-signal scope with active probes

Pico Technology announced further development of its PicoScope 6000E Series mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) with the launch of four new 4-channel models, each configured with 16 optional digital channels.

The methods are earth ground testing

Poor grounding increases the risk of equipment failure; it is dangerous. Facilities need to have adequately grounded electrical systems so that in the event of a lightning strike, or utility overvoltage, current will find a safe path to earth.

6 things you need to do before making power quality measurements

A Fluke application note

The new Fluke high-performance multi-product calibrator

Ideal for 6.5-digit resolution DMMs, Fluke Calibration's 5560A is complemented by the new 5550A (5.5-digit) performance multi-product calibrator and the 5540A (4.5 digit) multi-product calibrator, enabling laboratories to increase accuracy while reducing costs and increasing bench space.