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Accelerating Secure Remote Lab Management and Automation via Enhanced Connectivity

In today’s modern global on-Demand world, the pressures to exceed time market expectations whilst ensuring product/solution excellence is more critical than ever, not only to the end client but also to the supplying organization. 

Fluke Webinars

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Snell Level 1 - Thermographic Applications - Online

Properly trained and qualified IR technicians to provide companies with a greater return on their investment and, more importantly, avoid the liability associated with unqualified work. For service/inspection companies, taking an infrared training course from The Snell Group will allow you to quickly grasp important concepts, camera operation and inspection techniques that will allow you to deliver high-quality infrared inspections to your customers.

Snell Infrared for Electrical Inspections - Online

This two-day course is designed for the novice infrared thermographer in understanding the requirements for conducting successful electrical inspections

Snell Infrared for Mechanical Inspections - Online

Become successful in performing mechanical inspections by transitioning from the visual world into the thermal/infrared world.

How to prevent downtime from using the correct test equipment.

How much does unexpected downtime cost your facility per minute, hour, per day?