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Optimising Power Quality: A Comprehensive Approach with Fluke Industrial Products

In our upcoming talk, we'll delve deep into the realm of power quality, shedding light on its crucial role in ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and safety of modern electrical systems. Focusing on Fluke industrial products, we'll explore the complexities of power quality and unveil strategies for optimisation.

Port Elizabeth: 17th April 2024

Beginning with elucidating power quality fundamentals, we'll navigate through myriad issues, such as voltage fluctuations and harmonics, that can impact equipment performance. Through practical examples and case studies, we'll showcase the transformative impact of Fluke power quality analysers in real-world scenarios, illustrating their invaluable role in pinpointing elusive issues and restoring system integrity.

Attendees will gain insights into proactive power quality monitoring and troubleshooting techniques empowered by Fluke's suite of advanced tools. From waveform analysis to harmonic spectrum visualisation, we'll demonstrate how Fluke products provide unparalleled insights, enabling swift and accurate diagnosis of power quality anomalies. Focusing on proactive mitigation strategies, we'll explore how Fluke products fortify electrical systems against disruptions, ensuring reliability and efficiency. 

Register to join us for an interactive session where we'll reinforce the paramount importance of a holistic approach to power quality management underpinned by the unmatched capabilities of Fluke industrial products.

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  1. Introduction to Power Quality
  2. Importance of Power Quality Monitoring
  3. Fluke Power Quality Analysers
  4. Case Studies and Examples
  5. Power Quality Troubleshooting
  6. Power Quality Mitigation
  7. Q&A Session
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Location:  Port Elizabeth
Date: 17th April 2024
Location: Marine Drive, Summerstrand
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, 6000
South Africa
Time: 08h30 - 12h00
Light Snacks and refreshments will be provided
Cost:  Free

Gerrit Barnard


About the presenter:

Gerrit Barnard has worked at Comtest (Pty) Limited for the past 13 years as a Dealer Manager and Power quality portfolio manager for Fluke test and measurement instruments. His role at Comtest has changed to Technical Sales Manager, supporting the sales team at Comtest and providing customer support on a technical level. Gerrit is also a qualified Electrician (Sparky-Sparks have flown in his career). He has extensive product experience in the Fluke range and has completed level II Thermography through the Infraspection Institute. With this technical background and years of experience, he can offer top-level consultancy and training.

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