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The DAS1700 high-speed data acquisition system combines a fast sampling rate, deep memory, configurable input boards, and a large touchscreen display. Internal software tools are also provided like the power analysis application and a function editor for complex mathematical calculations on multiple channels.

 These recorders feature a 1 µs sampling rate on up to 6 channels simultaneously while the 500 GB internal memory allows for recording over long periods. Data is acquired from 4 measurement board types which include universal input, multiplexed, strain gauge, and high voltage. Optional CAN and LIN inputs further extend the ability of this recorder.

 Choose any combination of 3 boards, or add the extension module for up to 6 boards for applications ranging from small sensor signal logging to electrical power analysis.


  • Mesure signals ranging from strain gauge singles to large electrical systems
  • Maintenance and failure analysis
  • Power analysis of single and three-phase systems
  • Fast sampling rate: up to 1 MSa/s (1 μs) on each channel
  • Up to 72 channels (with multiplexed board)
  • 4 measurement board types; Universal, Multiplexed, Strain Gauge, High Voltage
  • Measure up to 1000 VAC with high voltage board
  • Pt100 and Pt1000 with multiplexed board
  • CAN, LIN option
  • 16-bit resolution with multiplexed and strain gauge boards
  • 14-bit resolution with universal and high voltage boards
  • 500 GB SSD internal memory (2 TB optional)
  • 16 logic input channels
  • Wide 15.6-inch touchscreen TFT display
  • USB host and LAN
  • Battery option (up to 2 hours)
  • Free software for control and analysis
  • Rugged carrying case included

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Sefram Pilot for DAS1700 & 8460



Display and view recorded data