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742A Resistance Standards
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742A Resistance Standards are high accuracy working standards for precision, on-site resistance calibration. Their excellent temperature stability allows them to be used from 18°C to 28°C with typically less than 2 ppm degradation. Using the calibration table supplied with the standards, which lists corrections in 0.5°C increments, this uncertainty can be reduced to near zero. No cumbersome oil or air baths are required.

Because 742A Resistance Standards are small and rugged, they are easy to transport. Care has been taken to reduce resistance changes brought about by thermal and mechanical shock. Retrace (permanent shift in resistance) is typically less than 2 ppm after cycling between 0°C and 40°C.

The 742A-1 1 Ω and the 742A-10k 10 kΩ units are ideally suited for Artifact Calibration of 5700A/5720A Calibrators. The other values can be used to verify the calibration if you desire.

A convenient transit case, designed to hold two standards, is available as an option.

  • Small and rugged resistance calibrators 
  • No oil or air baths required
  • 18° to 28° C operating range
  • Six-month stability to 2.5 ppm
  • Supplied with temperature characterization

General Specifications12 Values from 1Ω to 19 MΩ in x1 and x1.9

Best 1 Year Specification:  ±4 ppm

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Retrace Error (hysteresis)

23°C-18°C-23°C cycle:  Negligible resistance shift
23°C-28°C-23°C cycle:  Negligible resistance shift
23°C-0°C-23°C cycle:  < 2 ppm resistance shift
23°C-40°C-23°C cycle:  < 2 ppm resistance shift

Calibration Documentation17025 accredited report of calibration includedSize

   8.6 cm H x 10.5 cm W x 12.7 cm D (3.4 in H x 4.15 in W x 5 in D)


   .68 kg to .91 kg (1.5 lbs. to 2 lbs.) depending on the model
Model Name Description

1 Ω Resistance Standard


1.9 Ω Resistance Standard


10 Ω Resistance Standard


25 Ω Resistance Standard


100 Ω Resistance Standard


1 kΩ Resistance Standard


10 kΩ Resistance Standard


19 kΩ Resistance Standard


100 kΩ Resistance Standard


1MΩ Resistance Standard


10 MΩ Resistance Standard


19 MΩ Resistance Standard

Accessories common to all models:

Accessory Description

Low Thermal Test Leads


Low Thermal Copper EMF Plug-In Cables, Spade Connectors


Transit Case (holds 2 units)