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Battery & Electrical System Analyser
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CPX-900 Battery & Electrical System Analyzer offers advanced diagnostics in a handheld one-piece diagnostic tool. CPX-900 features Conductance Profiling™, a patented Midtronics technology that identifies batteries with low reserve capacity, a key capability to accurately diagnose the increasing electrical demands placed on modern vehicles.

  • Quickly and accurately diagnose a battery’s cranking and reserve capacity health
  • Reduced charge and retest results
  • Proven Midtronics quality – durable design features for heavy daily use
  • Support automated over-the-air software updates and data analytics

Battery Management Processes

Midtronics products are designed to meet a variety of battery and electrical system service requirements, but selected features on individual products may make them a better fit for your unique service applications. This product is particularly well-suited for these battery management processes:

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Vehicle arrival inspection

  • pre-delivery inspection

  • Warranty management

  • Service diagnostics


Conductance Profiling™

Combines our conductance algorithm with new proprietary technology to:

  • Identify batteries with poor reserve capacity that may start the car, but could fail to support other vehicle accessories
  • Ensures service readiness for emerging vehicle systems and batteries with new points of battery failure

Analytics and Communication

  • BMIS integration supports automated over-the-air software updates and analytical reporting

    • Capture and review battery testing data
    • Visibility into process compliance
    • E-mail results via built-in Wi-Fi
  • Conductance Profiling
  • Infrared temperature sensor increases test accuracy
  • Field-replaceable cables
  • E-mail test results directly from the tool
  • Automated over-the-air software updates via optional dock
  • Ergonomic shape, size, and grip is easy to carry and hold
  • Optional integrated printer
  • Optional integrated barcode scanner for easy VIN capture


  • Automotive
  • Power Sports
  • Marine
  • Lawn & Garden


  • 6- And 12-Volt Automotive Batteries
    • Flooded Lead-Acid
    • AGM Spiral & Gel
    • Enhanced Flooded (EFB)
  • 12- And 24-Volt Charging System


  • CCA
  • CA
  • MCA
  • DIN
  • SAE
  • IEC
  • EN
  • EN2


  • Conductance Profiling


  • Wireless Communication
    • Class 2 Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi Communication
    • 2.4 Ghz 802.11 B, G, N


  • 6 ‘AA’ Batteries 


  • Includes Tester With 4-Ft Battery Test Cables


  • Includes Tester With 4-Ft Battery Test Cables And Integrated Printer


  • Includes Tester With 10-Ft Battery Test Cables


  • Includes Tester With 10-Ft Battery Test Cables And Integrated Printer


  • Includes Tester With 10-Ft Battery Test Cables, Integrated Printer, And Bar Code Scanner

Note: Printer and Barcode Scanner options must be selected at time of purchase and cannot be added later