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molstic-S Mounting System
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A key benefit of its modular design is that molstic-S can be used for testing devices in either the upstream or downstream position. The optional, adjustable DUT stand (P/N 401934) accommodates large DUTs that do not fit on the molstic-S.

molstic-S is available in either 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch system plumbing sizes. The 1/4 inch size is dedicated to the molbloc-S elements designated 1E2-S and lower, and the 1/2 inch size is for the 2E2-S through 2E3-S elements. All molstic-S platforms come with integrated flow shut-off/metering valves. This allows for system leak testing and provides a means of flow control (if required by DUT type). Optional high resolution metering valve kits are available for use with the 1/4 inch molstic-S in order to obtain finer flow control capability.


Because molbloc-S operates in the critical flow regime, test devices that have flow control capability must be installed upstream of the molbloc-S in order to control flow.

Devices that are to be calibrated at atmospheric pressure are generally installed downstream of the molbloc-S. molstic-S is built modularly in order to provide this flexibility.

Inlet gas supply pressure regulation is vitally important in order to protect the molbox pressure transducers. Therefore, it is recommended that the molstic-S Supply Only molstic be used upstream of test devices that have flow control capability and that the pressure reducing regulator option be installed on the molstic-S when calibrating devices that operate at atmospheric pressure. An optional back pressure regulator can be installed on the molstic-S to provide control of an upstream DUTs downstream pressure.

molstic-S™ provides an engineered solution to the practical issues of mounting molbloc-S® mass flow elements, connecting a gas supply, regulating the operating pressure and connecting the device under test (DUT). A filter is included on the 1/4 inch molstic-S to protect the smaller molbloc-S elements from contamination. Highest quality components are integrated into a convenient, compact, modular assembly to assure optimum molbloc®/molbox™ performance.

The single channel molstic-S is designed to accommodate one molbloc-S element. The dual channel allows two molbloc-S elements to be simultaneously mounted, allowing use of two ranges without changing hardware during a test. In addition, the outlet of the two molbloc-S elements can be plumbed in parallel using the downstream tee assembly (P/N 401884) in order to obtain additional flow range capacity when using a two-channel molbox1+.