• Bump-N-Go

    Bump testing gas detectors before each day’s use is the only way to be sure that the sensors respond to gas.
  • Putting data at the center of your gas detection programme: a webinar you might like

    Every time you dock your gas detectors, you gain important insights into how you’re using your devices. Getting data is the easy part but what can you do with it ? 

    A few weeks ago, we presented a webinar and learnt how using data to predict and prevent future incidents is smarter than ever with the Industrial Scientific tools for advanced analytics and automated reporting.

    During this webinar, we gave you a preview of how data can work for you:
    Collection and visualisation
    Custom charts
    Automated reports

    In case you haven’t seen it yet, you might be interested in this webinar. Pre-recorded, for your convenience:
  • Industrial Scientific by Comtest TangoTX2 English

    Protect workers, reduce false alarms, and spend less time managing your gas detector fleet with the Industrial Scientific Tango TX2.
  • Spectrum analyser demo on the MDO-2000E

    MDO-2000E series is equipped with a dual channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator.
    We could utilize arbitrary waveform generator to output waveforms and conduct frequency domain analysis by the built-in spectrum analyzer.