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Introduction to Thermography

Are you new to thermography, or maybe only need a quick refresher on the basics of infrared? Are you interested in finding out how to operate Fluke thermal imaging cameras and how to create professional reports in a few easy steps?

If the answer is yes, then register and join Fluke by Comtest webinar.

The following topics to be covered:

  • What is thermography
  • What is a thermal imaging camera, and how does it work 
  • How to effectively operate a thermal imaging camera and take the best images  (distance, focus, FOV, colour palette)
  • Examples of electrical and mechanical applications in industrial maintenance
  • How to select the correct thermal imaging camera for your application 
  • How to create a professional thermal report using Fluke Connect Desktop software

The webinar is suitable for all current and future users of thermal imaging cameras.


24 January 2024


12pm (+2 GMT, Johannesburg) - 45minuates duration


Hendrik Spies



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