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Amprobe's new ULD- 300 Ultra Leak

Detecting or testing for that leak just got easier thanks to Amprobe’s new ULD-300

Comtest is pleased to introduce Amprobe’s new ULD- 300 Ultra Leak Detector that makes testing for leaks a quick, clean and hassle free job.

Amprobe’s newest addition to its environmental tester product range converts ultrasonic frequencies that are generated when a leak occurs into an audible range that can be easily detected. The handheld detector allows the motor manufacturing industry to check for door, trunk and windshield leaks. It can also be used to test pressurized air lines, refrigeration systems and steam lines for leaks. Locating arcing in electrical systems or finding the ends of buried PVC pipes also become an easy, time and money saving process.

Where gas is concerned, the compact ULD-300 can detect any pressurized gas leaks regardless of the type of gas (CFCs, HFCs or Nitrogen) as long as it is non-combustible. If the leaking gases are not sufficiently pressurized, there is no ultrasonic sound for detection. Amprobe’s UT-300 Ultrasonic Transmitter can create ultrasonic sound waves to pressurize the area.

The ULD-300 has a parabola to reduce any background noise and comes with an extension tube that makes reaching those difficult and dangerous areas easier.

For more information on the UDL-300 Ultrasonic Leak Detector please visit Comtest’s website or phone 011 254 2200

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