Technical reads

Technical readss from Comtest

Say goodbye to gas maintenance headaches

If you purchase gas detectors, you’re responsible for ensuring that the instruments are working properly and will alert workers to potential hazards.

Two-gas detection with one small, reliable monitor

New lightweight two-gas monitor offers more accurate alarms and minimizes maintenance with a two-year runtime.

Industrial Scientific Mesh Network

A Safety Manager's Guide to Peer-to-Peer Wireless Connectivity

Industrial Scientific expands connected safety portfolio

Leading provider of gas detectors and software offers direct-to-cloud connectivity

New Sensors and Languages for Ventis™ Pro Series Gas Monitors

Updates to the Ventis Pro Series make it accessible for a broader range of users and applications.

Tracking beacons for industrial/plant/site record-keeping

Industrial Scientific iAssign Beacons update the location of compatible devices in real-time, enabling live reminders and simplified record keeping.

Portable Gas Cylinders Simplify Bump Testing

Bump-N-Go cylinders simplify bump testing of gas detectors for mobile workers.

Carbon monoxide vs. Carbon dioxide: Let's Compare


What is the difference between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide? - When referring to carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), people often confuse or interchange the two. For the most part, people are aware that they are two different gases, but which one is the good one and which is the bad one, or is it even correct to classify them that way? Before getting into how and where carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide affect people and the environment and how to test for them, let’s get a basic understanding of where they come from.