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Technical readss from Comtest

Pico Technology's 1 GHz mixed-signal scope with active probes

Pico Technology announced further development of its PicoScope 6000E Series mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) with the launch of four new 4-channel models, each configured with 16 optional digital channels.

PicoScope 2000 Series oscilloscopes deliver the functionality of six instruments in an ultra-portable package

PicoScope 2000 models from Pico Technology, UK-based design, further expands the applications and debug capabilities of Pico’s powerful yet highly portable oscilloscopes.

A smarter scope for faster debug

FlexRes® oscilloscopes, featuring 8 channels with 500 MHz bandwidth, 16 digital channels, and resolution of 8, 10 or 12 bits. 

Sampler extended real time oscilloscope 5 Ghz oscilloscope

Pico Technology’s PicoScope 9404 SXRTO (Sampler eXtended Real Time Oscilloscope). The 9404 features four 5 GHz 12-bit channels, each supported by real-time sampling to 500 MS/s per channel and up to 1 TS/s (1 ps) equivalent-time sampling. 

Automotive Ethernet testing simplified with new analysis software

Pico Technology has released a new BroadR-Reach decoder/analyzer package that simplifies Automotive Ethernet integration testing and debugging. The package includes a novel non-intrusive Software Directional Coupler to separate up- and downstream traffic on full-duplex communication lines.

A faster Scope for faster debug

The products work with PicoScope 6 application software, which takes full advantage of the latest PC performance and display capabilities, showing clean, crisp waveforms on screens of any size and resolution. The top-of-the range PicoScope 6824E has dual 5 GS/s analog to digital converters and 4 gigasamples of capture memory as standard. It offers a rich set of built-in tools for embedded systems debug, including DeepMeasure™ that captures the measurement results of each one in up to a million cycles.



COMTEST Solutions is pleased to announce it will represent UK-based Pico Technology - a design, development and manufacturer of PC Oscilloscopes and data loggers.  Pico has a comprehensive portfolio of products, including the PicoScope PC Oscilloscope range with bandwidths up to 20 GHz, resolutions up to 16 bits and mixed-signal and flexible-resolution models; the TC-08 and PT-104 Temperature Data Loggers; and the multi-award-winning Automotive Oscilloscope Kit.