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HOT high temperature infrared thermometer

The highly accurate Fluke 572-2, high temperature, infrared thermometer for extreme heat conditions over long distances that measures between -30°C to 900°C with ±1% accuracy.

Typical applications are:

  • Fluke-572-2Manufacturing: repair and maintenance of motors, pumps with data logging;
  • Electrical HVAC installation: repair and maintenance of panels, fuses, circuit breakers, compressors, ducts, and remote access vents;
  • Power utility: measurement of nodes between power transmission and distribution;
  • Metals: maintenance and quality control where there is monitoring of temperature during the process; and,
  • Petrochemicals: maintenance of the exterior of the kiln (temperature), monitoring the surface temperature of the reformer tubes. 

The Fluke 572-2 measures between -30°C to 900°C with ±1% accuracy. Measurements from further away are accurate with a 60:1 distance-to-spot ratio with dual laser sighting for fast, accurate targeting.  The Fluke 572-2 displays current temperature plus MAX, MIN, DIF, and AVG temperature with adjustable emissivity and predefined emissivity tables.

The Fluke 572-2 features a multiple language (user select) interface and is compatible with standard K-type mini-connector thermocouple probe (KTC), and is shipped with a USB 2.0 computer interface cable; FlukeView® Forms Documenting Software and the standard Fluke 2-year warranty.

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