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Microsemi: PTP Enterprise Profile


Timing accuracy in many large enterprise IT networks have advanced to levels beyond what can be supported by standard NTP clients. PTP with hardware timestamping and faster message update rates is increasingly being used to meet these accuracy requirements. To ease PTP configuration and facilitate equipment interoperability, the IETF have established the PTP Enterprise Profile.

Key attributes of the PTP Enterprise Profile include:

  • Layer 3 mapping (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • End-to-end delay measurement method (on-path PTP support not required)
  • Mixed unicast and multicast operation for flexible and efficient deployment

The hybrid nature of the PTP Enterprise Profile allows for the Grandmaster to send a single common multicast sync message to a large number of PTP slave clocks, while also allowing the Grandmaster to respond to individual unicast delay request messages from individual slave clocks with a discrete unicast delay response message to that slave clock only. This allows for highly efficient and scalable deployment of PTP in large enterprise IT networks.


The PTP Enterprise profile is fully supported in Microsemi SyncServer S6xx series Time Servers with software release 2.0. The PTP option can be factory installed or added to any current SyncServer S6xx system in the field.


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