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No more sticking, inaccurate insulation testing

Tester for fast, accurate, reliable 2,500 v insulation testing in a portable, lightweight package

Fluke 1535The Fluke 1535 and 1537 2500 V Insulation Resistance Testers, engineered to simplify frontline troubleshooting, whether on the factory floor or working in the field at a solar installation.

With user-selectable test voltages from 250 V to 2500 V and resistance measurements up to 500 GΩ, these testers allow for coverage of a larger workload with a single tool.

Equipped with an intuitive user interface, a short circuit current of up to 5 mA and a CAT IV 600 V rating, these portable high-voltage insulation testers can deliver rapid and stable resistance measurements no matter where they are used. The 1537 Insulation Resistance Tester also allows for the storage of measurements for later review or PC transfer using the provided software.

Specifically designed for frontline technicians, electricians, and contractors doing asset maintenance jobs with field equipment such as motor, transformer, and power cabinet maintenance, using a portable insulation tester supporting 2500V test voltage, Fluke 1535 and 1537 2500 V Insulation Resistance Testers give technicians and maintenance engineers the benefit of wider workload coverage and faster measurement.


  • Selectable Voltage Tests: Tailor tests with user-selectable voltages of 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, and 2500 V to cover industrial and solar applications.
  • Extended Insulation Resistance Measurement: Reach up to 500 GΩ in insulation resistance measurement for a thorough analysis.
  • Intelligent Calculations: Automatically calculate the Polarization Index (PI) and Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR), minimising the influence of environmental factors.
  • High Measurement Capacity: This device can execute up to 1,300 measurements at 2500 V or 6,500 at 250 V, enhancing productivity.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Benefit from a CAT IV 600V rating and a built-in voltage alarm function for heightened safety during operations.

The Fluke 1537 has these additional features:

  • Extended Measurements: The Fluke 1537 enhances your testing capabilities with AC/DC voltage and resistance measurements.
  • Stable Resistance Measurements: With a short circuit current of up to 5mA, you can achieve faster, more stable insulation resistance measurements.
  • Fine-tunable Test Voltage: Adjust the test voltage from 250 V to 2500 V in 100 V increments to meet specific testing requirements.
  • Dielectric Discharge Rate Calculation: Automatically calculate the dielectric discharge rate (DD) to aid in identifying elusive insulation issues.
  • Ramp Test Mode: Linearly increase the applied test voltage to 100 V/s to help identify potentially difficult-to-identify fault conditions.
  • Visual and Audio Continuity Indicator: Verify continuity visually on the screen display or with the audible indicator so users can focus on the testing procedure without looking at the display.
  • Customisable Testing Parameters: Set user-defined labels, adjust test duration, and store measurement results for a tailored testing experience.
  • Effortless Data Management: Download and manage data with the provided PC software.
  • Extended Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with an extended 3-year warranty.

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