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Now, Maintenance can be proactive instead of reactive!

Initiate preventative programs with Fluke’s new TiS55+ and TiS75+ Thermal Imagers

Fluke new Fluke TiS55+ and Fluke TiS75+ thermal imagers, easy-to-use series of infrared cameras that easily transform plans for preventive maintenance (PM) programs into reality. The Fluke TiS55+ and Fluke TiS75+ thermal imagers offer technicians and contractors who need quality images and feature-rich cameras, an option for their troubleshooting, intermittent inspection, and preventive maintenance needs.

Technicians make many inspections daily, and it can be hard to remember what was seen and the inspection location.  Clipboards to jot down notes are old-school!  The new technology Fluke TiS55+ and Fluke TiS75+ come with built-in personal assistants, meaning the old clipboard can finally be ditched and technicians can have all the information needed, embedded in the images saved, including:

Voice annotation - Record up to 60 seconds per thermal image - Identify exactly what is seen, in real-time

IR-PhotoNotes - Take photos of asset numbers and other identifiers, and use them as a reference when looking at the thermal image on a computer

Asset Tagging* - Sort the thermal images by asset, scan a QR code on the asset, then start capturing thermal images.  Images will automatically be sorted by asset, simply connect the camera to a computer to view them.

Focus is one of the most important parts of a thermal image so whether users are seasoned thermographers or new to thermal cameras, Fluke has:

  • Manual focus: Seasoned thermographers can use the manual focus wheel to adjust the image based on how far they are from the target.
  • Fixed focus: For quick scans or for users new to thermography, simply use a fixed focus position. Now take images at 1m from the target and images will be in focus every single time.

Building Health matters: Building inspectors always look for moisture - that’s why Fluke includes a dew-point calculation in the Fluke TiS75+ thermal camera. When air is cooled to the temperature where it is saturated with water, moisture develops and wreaks havoc on buildings.  Once the dew point is calculated, the camera will display the Dew Point Colour Alarm. Everything the camera displays that is at the dew point temperature and below, will display as a thermal image. Everything above will display as a visual light image. This allows users to see where in the image condensation is occurring, and a scale of how far objects are below the dew point.

Fluke TiS55+ and Fluke TiS75+ thermal imagers feature:

• 384 x 288 (Fluke TiS75+) or 256 x 192 (Fluke TiS55+) infrared resolution

• -20 °C to 550 °C temperature range

• 3.5" VGA Touchscreen LCD display

• Water and dust resistance (IP54)

• Engineered to withstand a 2-meter drop              

Fluke TiS55+ and Fluke TiS75+ infrared cameras are a part of a growing system of connected test tools and equipment maintenance software.

*FLUKE CONNECT ASSET TAGGING  Eliminate hours at the computer organising thermal images, let Asset Tagging do all that work. No more dragging and dropping or renaming files in the office, just scan a QR code on the asset, capture the thermal images and they automatically are sorted by the asset.  Start spending time analysing images and creating reports, instead of sorting files one at a time

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