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Technical readss from Comtest

Reduce downtime – Find leakage currents without taking equipment offline

COMTEST is offering the Fluke 368 & Fluke 369 true-RMS leakage current clamp meters that help users detect, document, record and compare leakage current readings over time as a means of preventing unplanned downtime, and identifying intermittent GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) and RCD (Residual Current Device) trips, all without taking equipment off line.

The Fluke 368 has a large (40mm diameter) jaw for work with large conductors. The Fluke 368 clamp’s jaw is fully shielded to accurately capture very small leakage signals, and to minimize external electromagnetic interference.  The device allows users to track changes in leakage current over time, helping to identify potential problems before they turn into major failures.

The The Fluke 368 features:

  • True-RMS measurements for accuracy when measuring complex, non-sinusoidal waveforms
  • 40 mm jaw opening
  • Highest resolution of 1 μA, measure up to 60 A        
  • Selectable filter function removes unwanted noise
  • Max/Min/Average readings and hold function
  • Forward-facing LED worklight for use in dark wiring cabinets
  • Backlit display; auto backlight off and auto power off for extended battery life
  • CAT III 600V safety rating
  • Internal Memory Logging: up to 65,000 measurement points

Designed specifically for industrial electricians and facilities maintenance technicians, the Fluke 368 & Fluke 369 are invaluable for general purpose electrical maintenance, as well as preventative and predictive maintenance and fault troubleshooting.  Specific applications include maintenance tests on motors and transformers and current leakage measurements for installation tests.

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