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Tracking beacons for industrial/plant/site record-keeping

Industrial Scientific iAssign Beacons update the location of compatible devices in real-time, enabling live reminders and simplified record keeping.

Industrial Scientific, global leader in gas detection – has on offer the iAssign Beacon that automatically assigns site names to Ventis™ Pro Series gas monitors and other compatible products within a defined range. Site assignments change automatically as a Ventis Pro user leaves one defined beacon area and moves to another, simply and accurately connecting users, sites, and events.

Determining the location of an individual within a facility or plant can be challenging. The beacon continuously broadcasts a site identifier, which triggers the site to be updated on the user’s device. iAssign Beacon zones are programmable between 1 and 30 meters. Permission levels can also be programmed in each beacon. iAssign provides a more complete picture of what’s happening across a worksite, enabling safety managers to take action to prevent repeated hazards.

iAssign Beacons solve the challenge of real-time location identification, enabling:

  • Real-time access control, safety suggestions, and permission-level alerts when entering restricted areas
  • More precise, consistent site recording when technology like GPS is not available
  • Clarity around worker and location names in instrument data log files

“iAssign Technology is a simple solution for a big problem that many customers face,” said Scott Jubeck, director of product management, instrumentation. “Knowing that workers repeatedly run into a high gas exposure is an opportunity to correct a potentially deadly hazard before it’s too late.”

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