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World Engineering Day 2022

On March 4th each year, people all over the globe celebrate World Engineering Day. It’s a day that reminds us of all the great things engineers have done to get us to where we are today. That’s a lot of things when you think about it.

Roads and highways. Life-saving devices and medicines. Transportation—from the rockets that take you to space to the wheelchairs that give people the freedom to roam. Energy alternatives and new ways to collect and store renewable energies.

Engineers are amazing and deserve more than a single day dedicated to them.

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But still. You are the future, and we can’t keep engineering without you.

Every engineer today continues the work of past engineers. One day, you can take over the work that today’s engineers are doing. You can answer the questions they were unable to or hadn’t thought of yet.

Because there will always be problems to solve, questions to ask, and engineering to be done.

What do you see when you look to the future? Is it a world where people have equal access to resources, such as food and technology? Do we use our natural resources in a sustainable way? Is there still an energy crisis? What do you see?

Find a problem and work to solve it.

What you see is what you can make happen. As an engineer.

Thank you, engineers.

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How to celebrate engineering day

World Engineering day is about more than celebrating past engineers, it’s about looking toward the future. When mechanical engineer, Rick Rodriguez’s son came to him concerned about the future of the world, Rick told him, “There are a lot of very creative and passionate people right now, out there addressing the issues. And the one that plays centre stage is the engineer.”

This day is about encouraging those who will invent the future to take a step into the field of engineering. Han Tran, an engineer at Fluke said the goal in celebrating Engineers Day for her is, “to make sure that younger engineers see that it is possible for people who are not always seen in engineering to be part of engineering.”

Happy World Engineering Day.

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