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Accelerating Secure Remote Lab Management and Automation via Enhanced Connectivity

In today’s modern global on-Demand world, the pressures to exceed time market expectations whilst ensuring product/solution excellence is more critical than ever, not only to the end client but also to the supplying organization. 

The necessity of secure remote access alongside coupled with intensifying challenges means complexity is everywhere, but it doesn’t need to be.

Join us to learn how to overcome the complexities associated with:

  • Providing secure remote access for users
  • Complex lab consolidation programs
  • Lab sharing across diverse internal groups
  • Maximizing use of tools and equipment
  • Attaining visibility into the lab environments to ensure global, 24x7 operation
  • Meeting both internal and external customer expectations whilst maintaining strict control over CapEX and OpEX

Learn how to overcome these key business challenges by joining NETSCOUT Test Optimization, a Global Leader in Test Lab Infrastructure Management, alongside our partner Comtest.

Date: Wednesday 23rd June
Time: 2.30pm SAST

This webinar is intended to help you understand the options, procedures and best practices related to Secure Remote Lab Management and Automation where we will not only discuss the drivers, challenges and how to address them but also present real world customer use cases.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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