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Technical readss from Comtest

Fluke FEV300 test adapter kits for electric vehicle charging stations

Test the safety and functionality of electric vehicle charging stations, quickly and reliably 

Solar multifunction tool kits for professionals

Fluke’s SMFT-1000 Solar Tools Pro Kit: offers a comprehensive PV solution enabling streamlined PV safety and quality inspections with Fluke TruTest® Solar Software integration, providing critical documentation

3 Steps to Commissioning A Photovoltaic System for Maximum Performance

Despite great engineering, no system is failproof. That’s where commissioning comes in, establishing a baseline of performance for customer acceptance and follow-on maintenance. Commissioning is important not only for photovoltaic (PV) system performance, but also for the longevity of equipment, safety, ROI, and warranties.  Fluke is experiencing an increase in the demand for high-precision handheld devices which can measure photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Save energy and improve safety? A real win-win

Industrial Acoustic Imager for medical gas leak detection in hospitals has improved safety levels and cut costs while enabling sustainability goals to be met.

Earth Ground Testing: The Basics

Poor grounding not only increases the risk of equipment failure; it is dangerous. Facilities need to have adequately grounded electrical systems so that in the event of a lightning strike, or utility overvoltage, current will find a safe path to earth.

How a few good test tools saved motor replacements at a pulp and paper company

Power Quality & Calibration Case History

Top tools and technology for efficient operations

Rising energy costs and more stringent legislation guiding sustainable practices are spurring companies to re-evaluate processes and seek new tools and technologies to reduce waste and overcome challenges in today’s industrial environments.

Detecting Power Quality Issues

Poor power quality comes at a cost. Monetary cost can come from power losses, but damaged assets could cost even more, including potential losses due to down time of a manufacturing process. Assets damaged by power quality events that result in increased heat will certainly shorten equipment life. To the untrained eye, problems in electrical distribution systems may not be recognisable as power quality problems. Knowing and recognising the most common power quality symptoms and how to troubleshoot them is a first step in solving power quality issues.

Why do solar panels need to be inspected?

FACT: A solar panel is only as good as its weakest cell

Small dry wells for big field applications

Fluke’s 914X Series Field Metrology Wells (Fluke 9142, Fluke 9143, Fluke 9144) extend high performance to the industrial process environment by maximizing portability, speed, and functionality with little compromise to metrology performance.