Technical reads

Technical readss from Comtest

Fast and accurate automatic pressure testing and documentation of critical regulatory and compliance calibrations

Calibrator generates accurate pressure for single or multiple tests and automates the calibration process

Top 3 Safety Hazards to avoid for PV solar installations

Safety levels during solar panel commissioning and installation have been strengthened substantially by the world’s first CAT III 1500 V true-RMS solar clamp meter

Medical facility improves safety and saves energy with an innovative maintenance program

Industrial Acoustic Imager for medical gas leak detection in hospitals has improved safety levels and cut costs while enabling sustainability goals to be met.

Predictive maintenance vibration

Be more PROACTIVE – Add route-based vibration checks - A FLUKE Application Note  

Moving the Production Line

Moving or reconfiguring a production line can disrupt a complex and finely tuned system. When a line is moved, electrical distribution systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), lighting, communication circuitry, controls, emergency stop systems, and more are susceptible to unanticipated changes ranging from glitches to outright failures. Glitches and failures at the unit level can in turn cause failures at the system level, such as unexpected tripping of conveyor drive systems, failures of the plant floor communication system, equipment overheating, unsafe electrical systems - and lots of headaches and downtime.

Fluke 3-Phase Power Loggers

More visibility, reduced uncertainty and better power quality and energy consumption decisions

What’s a DMM?

Multimeters. They’ve been described as a modern-day tape measure. But what exactly is a digital multimeter (DMM) and what can you do with it? How do you make measurements safely? What features do you need? What is the easiest way to get the most out of your meter? Which meter is best suited to the environment you’re working in?

Recommended battery tests and testing schedule for battery back-up systems

Healthy batteries should main­tain a capacity above 9% of the manufacturer’s rating; most manufacturers recommend replacing the battery if it falls below 80%. 

Boiler maintenance and trouble shooting best practices

Prevent costly downtime and equipment failure      

World Engineering Day 2022

On March 4th each year, people all over the globe celebrate World Engineering Day. It’s a day that reminds us of all the great things engineers have done to get us to where we are today. That’s a lot of things when you think about it.