Technical reads

Technical readss from Comtest

Sampler extended real time oscilloscope 5 Ghz oscilloscope

Pico Technology’s PicoScope 9404 SXRTO (Sampler eXtended Real Time Oscilloscope). The 9404 features four 5 GHz 12-bit channels, each supported by real-time sampling to 500 MS/s per channel and up to 1 TS/s (1 ps) equivalent-time sampling. 

Industrial Scientific expands connected safety portfolio

Leading provider of gas detectors and software offers direct-to-cloud connectivity

New Sensors and Languages for Ventis™ Pro Series Gas Monitors

Updates to the Ventis Pro Series make it accessible for a broader range of users and applications.

Tracking beacons for industrial/plant/site record-keeping

Industrial Scientific iAssign Beacons update the location of compatible devices in real-time, enabling live reminders and simplified record keeping.

Automotive Ethernet testing simplified with new analysis software

Pico Technology has released a new BroadR-Reach decoder/analyzer package that simplifies Automotive Ethernet integration testing and debugging. The package includes a novel non-intrusive Software Directional Coupler to separate up- and downstream traffic on full-duplex communication lines.


When diagnosing problems, capturing and displaying small temperature variances makes all the difference. COMTEST is offering Fluke’s Ti401 and TiX501 PRO series thermal cameras, recently fine-tuned to make it easier for technicians, engineers, and electricians to get to the problem’s root cause faster by identifying hot spots, cold spots, and apparent surface temperature differentials with a higher degree of confidence.  These IR cameras have increased thermal sensitivity to capture minute differences and the latest Fluke technology for on-screen clarity to make it easy to visualize issues in the field.

Ultra Stable Oil-Dielectric RF Termination Loads

For maximum process repeatability and consistency, modern plasma applications require precise RF power regulation and control.

Portable Gas Cylinders Simplify Bump Testing

Bump-N-Go cylinders simplify bump testing of gas detectors for mobile workers.


COMTEST - SA’s leading provider of test & measurement and communications equipment, and solutions and specialized systems, is proud to mark their 15-year trading milestone in 2020.


Pico Automotive, is pleased to share a new educational series, by Steve Smith - sharing his knowledge about using math channels in PicoScope. The is parts two, covering why the math channels in PicoScope are so useful for automotive testing, and how to use them for applications like calculating resistance, power, rpm, torque, voltage drop, etc.