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Technical readss from Comtest

Maintaining Backup Battery Systems for Maximum Usage and Reliability

Standby battery backup systems play a critical role in keeping essential operations functional in the event of a utility outage.

Now you can “see” sound and locate the invisible threat

Introducing the new Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager that detects corona, partial discharge and gas, steam and compressed air leaks that can hurt both production uptime and the bottom line.

Point and shoot laser distance meter

Fluke by Comtest is offering Fluke 417D, an accurate, durable, point and shoot laser distance meter, designed for indoor and outdoor, dusty and wet conditions.

Troubleshooting process loops in potentially explosive atmospheres

Tracking down problems within a process loop can be a difficult challenge in the best of environments.

Curb explosive potential with intrinsically safe tools

For those who work in industries where flammable materials are present—such as petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants, oil platforms, refineries, pipelines, and mining—the potential for an explosion is a daily reality

Test system takes measurement data from test tools to smart phones and the cloud

The largest suite of connected test tools in the world

Two-gas detection with one small, reliable monitor

New lightweight two-gas monitor offers more accurate alarms and minimizes maintenance with a two-year runtime.

How infrared inspection can enhance safety

By allowing technicians to effectively scan equipment, structures, and processes from a longer distance, without the need to make contact with the object being inspected, thermal imagers can help reduce exposure to hazards and in some cases eliminate the need to secure a hot work permit. This is especially helpful for electrical, process control, and building inspection applications.

Guide to digital multimeter safety

In a recent survey, more than 30% of electricians admitted to not using test tools accurately rated for their work environment. It’s the cold truth that a well-built digital multimeter will perform better in demanding conditions than a second-tier model. Not only will a top-tier tool be able to stand up to your work environment, but it will help keep you safe.

Electrical PPE - personal protection equipment

What is personal protective equipment (PPE) and why is it important?