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Technical readss from Comtest

New super-fast, 500MHz bandwidth industrial ScopeMeter

The Comtest Group, Fluke’s authorised Test and Measurement distributor for South and southern Africa, has added two new models to their 190 Series II – range of handheld Scopemeters, the Fluke-190-502 and the Fluke-190-502S . With a bandwidth of 500MHz they are both super fast – achieving a 5GS/s sample-rate, providing greater accuracy and clarity of shape and amplitude of waveforms.

What is Electrochemistry?

Electrochemists use electrical signals (DC voltage and current) to control and study chemical processes, hence the term electrochemistry. Placing a controlled signal on a chemical solution enables the chemist to determine the nature and concentration of an analyte (solid or liquid) or how the electrodes are responding in the chemical process.