• The PicoScope 4444 differential input oscilloscope

    The new PicoScope 4444 differential input oscilloscope from Pico Technology. Four channels. 12 to 14 bit resolution. See the difference!
  • 3-phase monitoring using PicoScope® 4444

    See the PicoScope 4444 high-resolution differential oscilloscope in action. We show you how to measure and monitor three-phase voltages and currents safely with 1000 V CAT III overvoltage protection.
  • MIDTRONIC Micro 500 XL

    การตรวจสอบแบตเตอรี่ด้วยเครื่อง Midtronic รุ่น Micro 500 XL
  • Midtronics Solutions

    Battery and electro system diagnostics are
    mainstays of Midtronics business. During the 2007 AAPEX show in Vegas
    representatives Todd Stukenberg and Steve Marek introduced us to the
    newest innovation.
  • Midtronics CELLGUARD 12V Sensor Installation

    Installing the 12 Volt Sensor for the CELLGUARD Wireless Battery Monitoring System.
  • Symmetricom Time Source 2700 10 MHz primary frequency standard Rubidium Atomic Clock

    The Symmetricom Time Source 2700 primary frequency standard produces a very high precision 10 MHz signal that can be used to calibrate frequency dependent devices like frequency counters, spectrum analyzers and such. These same devises typically have a 10 MHz External reference input that can be driven with the Symmetricom giving the piece of equipment the ability to make very high precision measurements. Most equipment also has a 10 MHz output that allows multiple devises to share one Frequency standard.
    I will be selling this system on ebay, if you are interested you can contact me there, My ebay user ID is my amateur radio call sign NT8O
  • Aviat Networks and Symmetricom Announcement at CTIA 2011

    Errol Binda, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager for Aviat Networks, discusses the recent Aviat Networks and Symmetricom, Inc. announcement with Manish Gupta, VP of Marketing for Symmetricom, and Shaun McFall, Chief Marketing Officer for Aviat Networks.
  • Symmetricom office

    At Boulder
  • EEVblog #229 - IET DE-5000 LCR Meter Teardown

    What's inside IET Labs new DE-5000 handheld LCR meter?
  • Capacitance Decade Box Overview - IET Labs

    IET manufactures the most extensive line of decade capacitors available in the world.

    10 distinct series cover an extraordinary range, from the ultra low point zero zero 2 Pico- Farads to the ultra high 1 Farad. We have a model that will fill any conceivable requirement or budget.

    Here is a thumbnail summary of what is available.

    The CS series is the most cost effective and the most popular. Available from 1 Pico-Farad to 1000 Micro-Farads, with accuracies ranging from 1 percent to 4 percent, these rugged units are controlled by easy to use thumbwheel switches.
    (show CS series page of website during this paragraph: http://www.ietlabs.com/capacitance/decade-capacitor/csbox.html )

    For highest performance, calibration grade decade capacitors consider the HACS Z series (Say HACS as one word). With a high accuracy of point zero 5 percent, these units provide any range of capacitance from 1 Pico-Farad to Ten Thousand Micro-Farads. The zero capacitance is less than point 1 Pico-Farad and the temperature coefficient is better than 20 P P M per degree C.
    (show HACS-Z series Page: http://www.ietlabs.com/capacitance/decade-capacitor/hacs-z-series.html )

    The GenRad 14 13 is the world's defacto precision decade capacitor, with similar performance to the HACS Z series but with a range of 1 Pico-Farad to 1 Micro-Farad. The 14 13 has been the choice of the metrology community for decades.
    (Show 1413 Page: http://www.ietlabs.com/capacitance/decade-capacitor/genrad-1413-precision-decade-capacitor.html )

    The GenRad 14 12, with an accuracy of zero point 5 percent, is another high performance capacitance decade but at a more economical price. It goes up to 1 Micro-Farad while achieving high resolution by use of a variable air capacitor with 1 Pico-Farad dial divisions.
    (Show 1412 Page: http://www.ietlabs.com/capacitance/decade-capacitor/genrad-1412-bc-decade-capacitor.html )

    For even a more economical option with a long proven history, consider the Gen Rad 14 19. Ranges are available from 100 Pico-Farads to 1 Micro-Farad with accuracies ranging from zero point 5 percent to 1 percent.
    (Show 1419 Series Page: http://www.ietlabs.com/capacitance/decade-capacitor/genrad-1419-series-decade-capacitor.html )

    The unique GenRad 14 17 is the only choice when extremely high capacitances are required. It has 7 switchable values that go from 1 Micro-Farad up to the envelope pushing 1 Farad.
    (Show 14 17 Page: http://www.ietlabs.com/capacitance/decade-capacitor/genrad-1417-1-uf-1-f.html )

    The Gen Rad 14 22 series variable air capacitors are the world standard when it comes to very low capacitance. There are several models available that offer continuously dialable ranges from point zero zero 2 Pico-Farads to 1000 Pico Farads with incomparable stability and performance.
    (Show 1422 Page: http://www.ietlabs.com/capacitance/decade-capacitor/genrad-1422-series-variable-air-capacitors.html )

    Finally for R-S-232 or I triple E computer controlled, programmable models that are suited for automated test stations, you should be looking at our P C S Series.
    (show PRS series page on website: http://www.ietlabs.com/capacitance/decade-capacitor/pcs-series-programmable-capacitance-decade-box.html )

    Of course this is just a quick overview. To find exactly the best model out of the hundreds that are available, without having to settle, please consult our website or contact the IET sales department.

    With a simple phone call or email, we can expedite the selection process
    and help you find the best product for you application and budget.
  • Spectrum analyser demo on the MDO-2000E

    MDO-2000E series is equipped with a dual channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator.
    We could utilize arbitrary waveform generator to output waveforms and conduct frequency domain analysis by the built-in spectrum analyzer.