• Fluke 62 Max IR Thermomoter

    Fluke 62 Max+ IR Thermometer - Infrared thermometers you can handle without care.
  • Laser Distance Meter - Fluke Industrial

    http://sierra-media.com We have a new Fluke product video presenting Fluke's Laser Distance Meter. The LDM features the ability to test the distance between two separate locations. This tool belt essential can help you get the job done more efficiently in many different situations. The video shows the product's durability, by being thrown and dropped by different people in each scene. This video also creates the sense of ease by featuring the whole video dialogue free, leaving only the use of each scene to explain the product.
  • Multimeter review / buyers guide: Fluke 381 Clamp Meter with iFlex

    A list of my multimeters can be purchased here:

    This is a review of a Fluke 381 Clamp Meter with iFlex. I demonstrate its versatility with the detachable remote display and the iFlex current clamp in a household distribution board.

    Fluke 381 Remote Display True-rms AC/DC Clamp Meter with iFlex™

    * Wireless technology allows the display to be carried up to 30 ft. away from the point of measurement for added flexibility without interference with measurement accuracy
    * The removable magnetic display can be conveniently mounted where it is easily seen
    * iFlex flexible current probe expands the measurement range to 2500 A ac
    * CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
    * Integrated low pass filter and state of the art signal processing allows for use in noisy electrical environments while providing stable readings
    * Proprietary inrush measurement technology to filter out noise and capture motor starting current exactly as the circuit protection sees it
    * Ergonomic design fits in your hand and can be used while wearing protective equipment
    * Radio transmitter automatically sets the correct measurement range so you do not need to change the switch positions while taking a measurement
  • Multimeter review / buyers guide: Fluke 28-II

    A list of my multimeters can be purchased here:

    This is a review of the Fluke 28-II. This is Fluke's industrial true RMS digital

    multimeter with 6000 and 20 000 count resolution. It is also IP67 rated (waterproof and dustproof).

    A list of my multimeters can be purchased here:

    I introduce the Fluke 381 AC DC Clamp Meter with detachable, remote display & iFlex™

    flexible current probes. To be reviewed soon.
    Thanks to Comtest (www.comtest.co.za) for the loan of this Fluke 28-II.

    Other equipment used in the review:
    Fluke 287 / 289
    Thurlby Thandar PL303 precision linear 30V 3A compact variable power supply
    Fluke 115
    Fluke TL175 TwistGuard™ Test Leads
  • Multimeter Hi Res digit rounding....or not.

    A list of my multimeters can be purchased here:

    In this video I demonstrate how some multimeters with a Hi Res (high resolution) mode round the last digit when switching back to a low resolution mode. In essence they just "hide" the last digit which is not the correct way they should handle this.

    Equipment used:

    * Brymen TBM867 / BM867
    * ISO-Tech IDM207
    * Fluke 87-V

    Thanks to Comtest for the loan of the Fluke 87-V: www.comtest.co.za
  • How to use a multimeter for advanced measurements: Part 1 - Diodes

    Multimeter tutorial - This series of videos is a tutorial on how to use a digital multimeter for beginners. It will also explain the basics of electricity and address some safety issues.
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    This video explains how diodes work and how to use a multimeter to test / trouble shoot them.

    Thanks to Comtest South Africa for the loan of the Fluke 87V - www.comtest.co.za

    Other equipment / topics covered in this video:

    * Fluke 87-V True RMS digital multimeter
    * Zener diodes
    * Light emitting diodes / LEDS
    * Forward bias
    * Reverse bias
    * voltage reference
    * current shunt / current clamp
    * conductance / Siemens
  • Fluke 87 V / Fluke 87-5 / 28-II Power on options / features (Not obviously visible features)

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    I go though some features / options and measurements which are not obviously visible on the Fluke 87 V / 28-II.

    * How to disable the beeper
    * How to measure Siemens / conductivity
    * How to enter the calibration mode / view the calibration number
    * How to enable the high impedance mode for mV (millivolts)
    * How to check if the fuses are blown
    * How to enable the zoom bar gaph
    * How to check the LCD display
    * How to check the buttons
    * How to disable auto power-off

    Thanks to Comtest South Africa for the loan of this unit: www.comtest.co.za

    A list of my multimeters can be purchased here:
  • BK Precision 2530B Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    BK Precision 2530B Digital Storage Oscilloscope

    The 2530B Digital Storage Oscilloscope delivers essential features and reliable performance at a price you can afford. Analog style knobs and controls combined with a smart Auto set function make this oscilloscope easy to use. Advanced triggering, automatic measurements, and FFT functions provide you with many options to debug your circuits. Educators can appreciate the ability to disable the Auto button that would automatically setup the scope to display a signal, requiring the user to learn how to set up scope parameters manually. Additionally, the instrument comes with PC software that lets you easily capture, analyze, and document waveforms and measurement results. The 2530B is an ideal education and training tool, and also well-suited for applications in service and repair.

    Available at http://Tequipment.NET

    Video by BK Precision
  • BK Precision 879B 40,000 Count Dual Display Handheld LCR Meter

    Shop Now: http://www.testequipmentdepot.com/bk-precision/lcr/879b.htm?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=demo+video&utm_campaign=manufacturer

    The BK Precision 879B 40,000-count handheld LCR meter measures inductance, capacitance, and resistance quickly and precisely. Additionally, the 879B supports remote control using SCPI commands and can calculate impedance, Θ, and ESR, features typically found only in bench LCR meters.

    Fast auto ranging and quick measurement configuration such as measurement parameter and test frequency selection make the 879B very simple to operate. The meter also includes handy functions such as data hold, Min/Max/Average recording, tolerance sorting, and relative mode.

    Measurement data can continuously transfer to a PC via the meter's mini USB interface, using either the provided data logging software or SCPI commands sent from a custom program.
  • BK Precision 1550 Switching DC Power Supply

    BK 1550 Switching DC Power Supply with USB Charger Output 1-36V, 0-3A

    The model 1550 is a compact 108 watt power supply delivering 1-36V and 0-3A from its main isolated output. A unique feature of the 1550 supply is the USB 1.1 charging port located on the front panel allowing the user to charge a cell phone or MP3 player. Clean power and quiet operation make this power supply ideal for laboratories, work shops, and schools where bench space is limited.

    Available at http://Tequipment.NET

    Video By BK Precision
  • Spectrum analyser demo on the MDO-2000E

    MDO-2000E series is equipped with a dual channel 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator.
    We could utilize arbitrary waveform generator to output waveforms and conduct frequency domain analysis by the built-in spectrum analyzer.